Bring Mainstreet
To Life

Want to promote your business in a truly unique and magical way?

Delight guests as digital characters emerge from Magic Little Doors inside or outside your business. 

Open the door to Opportunity!

Magic Little Doors Is Pixie Dust For Your Business

Augmented reality (AR) is an amazing technology that can make your marketing more interactive and engaging than ever before. With Magic Little Doors, you can create experiences that will amaze and entertain your customers by placing digital images at your business.
Imagine being able to attract customers like never before with exciting, engaging AR characters. That’s what we’re all about at Magic Little Doors. We want to help Mainstreet America thrive.  What is Magic Little Doors?
  • An AR Experience for Customers inside or outside your store
  • With No App To Download for You or Your Customer
  • Fun & Innovative New Marketing Tool
  • Lost Cost, High Impact Turnkey, Traffic Driver
  • Highly Viral Social Media Opportunity
  • Customizable with Promotions, Discounts and Coupons

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Growing and Exciting Character Library

We are constantly expanding our characters, holiday offerings, and promotional assets. Check out these seasonal characters soft launched for Halloween 2022. This effort branded HalloweenAR was to take our characters for a spin before Magic Little Doors launches in 2023. It was so loved by guests… it was scary.  

Magic Little Doors catalog is organized by character, industry, promotion, holiday/season and both custom branding and exclusive characters are available.

Using the App is Super Simple

Less then 5 minutes to register your business and then let the adventure begin for your customer – all they do is:

Use a Map or See a Door In Your Window

A simple map on the website shows guests what cities the doors are in, and they explore the town to find them.

Open The Door and Capture the Fun

Using their camera, they digitally open each door and different AR experiences comes to life.  They can capture photo or video of the experience too.

Share and Get Local Deal

Guests share the photos or videos directly on social media and when they close the door, they receive special offers from the business. 

Beta Available Now

Elephant Magic Little Door

Want Magic Little Doors in Your Hometown?

We wanna be there too. Complete the form and we will contact you, your Chamber of Commerce, Rotary or Business Association and introduce ourselves. It’s just like waving a magic wand.